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Bad experience? Tell US! Great experience? Tell EVERYONE!

If there is a problem with your order, WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Before you post it on social media...before you tell everyone you "had a horrible experience at our online shop", please give us a chance to make it right! We can't fix it if we don't know about it. 

With 40 years of customer experience between us in the food service and retail industry (and with "Melanie B's" name & reputation on the line), we always want to try to provide you with exceptional custom service!

Problems with an order...?

1. Contact us to let us know exactly what the problem is with your order...whether you are missing an item oryou received an incorrect product.

2. If you receive a broken item, we will replace it. Although we make every attempt to pack our products as securely as possible, occasionally an item will get damaged in transit. (If there is a damaged item besides a bottle, that is typically something that we aren't able to refund or replace since it is due to the mishandling of packages due to shipping services. That has to be addressed directly to the USPS and a claim has to be filed with them.)

3. If you do receive a broken bottle or similiar item, we will request a photo of your packing slip.

{The reason we do that is because when your order is filled, we have three different processes in place to insure your order is fulfilled completely and accurately. This provides us with the "evidence" we need to verify all measures were taken to fulfill the order carefully and accurately.

• For ultimate accountability, the team member who fills your order initials the packing slip and adds their own "signature" smiley face to let you know the mailer was handled with love and care. 

• Since these steps were implemented, it is rare that an item is missing from a package. Occasionally, an incorrect item will be included, however, so we want to see a photo of what you received, so we can make it right!}

4. For Missing Items, we will ship out the item as soon as possible, if it is in stock or offer you an alternative. If the item is not available, you will be given the option to wait for it to be restocked and offered priority shipping once it arrives. 

5. For Incorrect Items, we will send you a prepaid label via email with our address,, and you can mail the incorrect item back to us. Once we see the item is in transit and headed our way, we will send you the correct item you ordered at our expense, of course!  

We always appreciate your patience and understanding in these kinds of situations, since we run a "micro-sized" business. We strive to take care of each of our customers to the best of our ability and believe we should "Do unto others..."

We are a small, 2-person team with a high-volume of orders. Many of Melanie's custom items are HANDMADE, which means it can take several days to assemble and produce them. Please allow us 14 BUSINESS DAYS (MONDAY-FRIDAY) to prepare and pack your order.

The local post office is open 12pm-4pm Monday-Friday, which limits our ability to drop off packages at other times.

We appreciate & value your business and patience while we prepare each order with love & care!

refunds & returns

We apologize for the incovenience, but because we run a very small business, we cannot except returns or offer refunds on orders at this time.

However, if you are dissatisfied with something you ordered, we will happily offer you an equal exchange for the unopened/unused product.

We CAN accept exchanges if the item is still in brand new condition and in its' unopened packaging. Please follow these steps for exchanging an item or items from your order to insure we are able to provide you with the best possible customer service experience. 

1. Please contact us to let us know that you need to exchange an item from your order.

2. Provide us with the product you would like to exchange with, so that we can be sure we have it available in inventory and set it aside for you. If we do not have the item available, we can let you know when it will be back in inventory, so you will be aware of potential delays in the product exchange process. 

3. The customer is responsible for returning the product to us at their expense and is responsible for the shipping costs to mail out the new product. If there is a higher difference in price for the new item and the original item, the customer will be responsible for the overage. If the new item price is lower, the difference in price can be applied to the shipping fee. 

4. We work exchanges into our orders as they arrive, and in the order that they are received, so please be aware it may take a few days of turn-around time to get your exchange back out to you. We are a two-woman crew...some days there is only one of us, so we appreciate your patience while we do our best to handle orders and customer service as expeditiously as possible. 

Making YOU happy makes US happy, so we want to do what we can to provide you with exceptional customer service!


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