Melanie B.


Melanie started her hobby addiction at 23-years-old with photography, rubber stamps, scrapbooking and paper crafting. She was a stay-home-mom of 4 babies until she was 36, and then she went back to college to pursue two Visual Arts degrees in Graphic & Web Design. After several years in the workforce and the traumatic loss of her oldest child, Logan, her health began to decline. That led her to share her passion for what she now calls "zen therapy" hobbies through her YouTube channel at "Melanie B's Creative Studio".

Her love for sharing information and tools then helped Melanie to dig deep to find the desire to develop her own line of products for our hobbies, and that's when "Melanie B's Creative Supplies" was born.

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Ashlyn is a single mom of one very  energetic little boy. Growing up she was more of a tomboy and an athlete than a crafter, and she spent more time on the softball field than being creative. Melanie (aka "Mom") would take me along on scrapbook crops, but she didn't really find her creative niche until she became a mom and understood how much she needed & enjoyed having creative outlets. Now she helps Melanie by filling the orders, assembling all of the products she designs, and we work together as a mini team to try to accomplish as much together as other larger companies do with 10-person teams.

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