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MB's Watercolor "Yummy Delicious Snack Packs" Practice Kits

MB's Watercolor "Yummy Delicious Snack Packs" Practice Kits

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• INTRODUCING the brand new, never seen before, 100% created and handcrafted by Melanie B. from conception to final kit production and assembly...Melanie B's "Watercolor "Yummy Delicious Snack Packs" mini practice kits in four current themes:
"Pink Ombre Sweet Treats", "Red & Gold Ornaments", "Red & Green Gifts" & "Poppies". 
So here is what you get in the new 100% HANDMADE (even that adorable wax seal stamp on the front is handstamped ❤️!)
• Foldable Storage Envelope
• Up to 6 Daniel Smith/QoR Yummy Delicious Watercolor Paints
• “Sweet Note from Melanie”
• 1 Main “Recipe Sheet” with a Complete Ingredients & Instructions for each “recipe”
• 5x7 inch “Recipe Cards” with 8 “Sweet Treat” exercises to teach you how to do basic watercolor fundamentals printed on high-quality, 140lb watercolor paper
• 1 Printed Swatch for the Included Paint by Number Designs
• 1 Paintable Swatch Card on 140lb Watercolor Paper
• 2 Reference Guides
• 2 Reference Photos
• 2 5x7” Mini Paint by Numbers (in your choice of 4 current designs)
• 1 Mini Mixing Palette


More designs are coming soon!

• With these kits you will learn how to do the following techniques:

• Wet-on-Dry
• Wet-on-Wet
• Lifting with a brush
• Lifting with a paper towel
• Creating graded washes: wet-on-dry
• Creating graded washes: wet-on-wet
• Blending
• Mixing
• Painting swatches and creating tints
• Painting a paint by number with watercolors

I’ll have a video coming up on these kits soon too, so grab them while they’re on sale!

{Paints aren’t shown in the sample below, but they will be provided on the ice cream scoops in the dishes inside the envelope & protected with a non-stick paper.}

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